Sexta-feira, 22 de Julho de 2011

Update to our Publish by e-mail: Select which service to publish

Having a posting method which won't allow the user to select where the post will be published can lead to complications, as we soon proved.

We couldn't let this stay like this and so we built a quick hack by which you can select which accounts will get published to.

If you go to your account configuration in your Pond account, you will notice that each account has a name, which you can even change by pressing the rename button on the right-hand side of the list of accounts. This name is there to facilitate finding out, when you look at a list of events, which account did the event come from, but it will now also be useful in selecting which account will we publish to.

Let's imagine, as an example, that your Publish by e-mail address is, and that you have three accounts, a personal Twitter account named MyTwitter, a personal Facebook account named MyFacebook and work Twitter account named WorkTwitter.

If you wish to publish to your personal Twitter account, you would use the name portion of your e-mail (blue25orange in this example) plus (+) the name of the account (MyTwitter) resulting in For the other accounts, the e-mails would be and .

You can also get creative and "add" more than one account, such as

There are some restrictions to this: only alphanumerical characters are supported in the account name part of the e-mail, as well as underscore. No accented characters, please, convert them to the unaccented versions before using. Thus, an account named Zé's Account (personal) added to the above example, would become An account named João_has_an_über_twitter will become

Yes, it's a bit geeky, but I'm sure you'll appreciate the extra flexibility.


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