Sábado, 6 de Novembro de 2010

Facebook notifications in your Pond inbox

We've been making some changes to Pond for the past weeks and are beginning to implement them. One of the ideas we've had for a while was to transform the "events for me" timeline into an inbox, enriching the content you can get there and improving the overall experience.


For when you really can't be bothered to read a timeline, but want to quickly check if anyone has specifically interacted with you on a given network, having an inbox is essential.


It would be very valuable if you could, at a glance, see all your Twitter mentions and DMs, comments on your Flickr photos and YouTube videos as well as all of your Facebook interaction, like when someone posts on your wall, comments or tags you in a photo.


Working towards that goal, we've just lauched an update to the webapp that allows you to see all sorts of interaction your friends have with you in Facebook. You don't have to do anything if you already have your Facebook accounts authorized in Pond, just go to "events for me" (soon to be renamed "inbox"), and see Feed and Photo Comments, Tags, Likes and Posts your friends make directly to you.


Hit "see original" to be sent to the content in Facebook if you want to further interact with it. You can now also use filters on the "events for me" timeline if you want to show/hide Twitter and/or Facebook interactions.


With this update we've brought into Pond another valuable feed of information, neatly organized for you and we hope to be bringing you more of this kind of updates, soon.

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Quinta-feira, 8 de Abril de 2010

Webapp update

We have just updated the web app with three changes:


- The publishing box on the timeline now auto-hides when you are not using it, leaving more space for content. If you mouse over it or place your cursor on the typing box, then the publishing options will expand and you will be able to pick which accounts you want to publish to, see a character counter to guide your tweet writing and...


- ...add an image or video to your status updates. That's a new feature, which we will be expanding to our mobile apps soon. Pick an image or video file to upload, send it to one of your accounts and get a shortened URL back in the status update box.


- Finally, we made some cosmetic changes to the timelines in order to simplify the views and improve legibility. As Pond evolves to support more content and more actions over that content, we will be simplifying the UI so it stays out of the way of the user's interaction with said content.


We hope you like the new stuff, we'll keep on updating the apps and letting you know. Have fun!

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